The Story


The world of Spookville is going to vanish for good because people don’t believe in monsters anymore.  An evil villain called The Heebie Jeebie has placed a curse on the friendly monsters of Spookville to soon be banished to a horrible place called The Unimaginable and people will never remember they ever existed.   

It’s going to take a lot of people believing in monsters again to save Spookville and the monsters that call it home.  The only way to help break this curse is by finding your inner child & imagination, visiting Spookville to meet these friendly monsters, and snapping plenty of selfies (we call Spookies™) with them to show your friends & family that monsters exist.  The more people you tell, the more pictures you share of your visit to Spookville, the more your friends & family will start believing in monsters again.  Only you can help break the curse of Spookville, defeat the Heebie Jeebie, and save your monster friends!